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Because each of us is only one competently compassionate person away from hope and healing.

The importance to the whole of society of understanding trauma, its effects and strategies to care for survivors cannot be underestimated. According to national statistics, in Canada, three-quarters of adults report some form of trauma exposure in their lifetime. Amongst youth, two-thirds of males and nine out of ten females report experiencing traumatic distress and for children more than half of those aged 2-14 and nearly two-thirds of those aged 15-17 experienced violence in the past year. While much of this trauma occurs in familiar relational contexts, so the opportunity for healing exists in relationships built on trust and felt-safety, where competence leads to an appropriate balance of nurture and structure. When we allow our compassion to inspire a pursuit of competence in our care, the resulting competent compassion is transformational both for us and for those we come alongside.


Book Study: Try Softer by Aundi Kolber

May 18-June 22 (Wed Evenings)

"In a world that keeps telling us to try harder-just keep going, keep hustling, keep pretending we're all fine-we're left exhausted, overwhelmed and so numb to our lives. It doesn't have to be that way." Join us as we listen to Try Softer, and practice 'trying softer' together.
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Try Softer Book

Virtual Life in Limbo Experience

August 9, 2022

FREE 2-hour virtual role play that allows you to personally interact with some of the moments of foster care. Participants take on the role of either a child/youth, a parent, a foster parent, a family relative, or an observer and experience the simulation from that unique lens. Click to learn more!

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Fall 2022

Our TRAUMA CARE MASTERCLASS consists of 2-hour interactive sessions bi-weekly and one final 4-hour session.

Registration opening summer 2022.
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Karen Purvis Institute
Trauma Free World
Karen Purvis Institute
Trauma Free World
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Can we really end poverty together?

CareImpact Executive Director, Wendi Park, talks with Ending Poverty Together Podcast host, Eric Strom on the value of churches growing in their understanding of poverty.

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