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Welcome to our vibrant community dedicated to enriching conversations surrounding our podcast! Here, we dive deep into the topics explored on our show, highlight our esteemed guests, provide exclusive insider updates, offer bonus material, and share special group benefits.

Every Friday, we eagerly anticipate your participation as we engage with real, honest voices from across Canada, delving into their stories and insights. Our aim is to foster a space where we can journey together, exploring faith, purposeful living, and community support.

If you're passionate about caring for others in your community and seek firsthand insights with a biblical perspective, then this group is tailored for you. Join us on this journey of growth, understanding, and connection. Be part of a community committed to living life with purpose and faith, while enjoying access to exclusive content and special group benefits.

Group Rules

Respectful Engagement

Engage with fellow members and podcast content with respect, kindness, and openness to diverse perspectives.

Stay on Topic

Keep discussions relevant to the themes, topics, and guests featured on the podcast. This ensures that conversations align with the purpose of the group and podcast.

Encouragement and Support

Offer words of encouragement, support, and insight inspired by podcast episodes. Share personal reflections, experiences, and practical applications in living out faith and community in everyday life.

No Spoilers

Avoid sharing spoilers for upcoming episodes or details from episodes that have not yet been released. Let everyone enjoy the podcast experience at their own pace.

Constructive Feedback

Provide constructive feedback on podcast episodes, including what resonated with you, areas for improvement, and suggestions for future topics or guests. Feedback should respectful and constructive.

Respect Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Refrain from sharing unauthorized recordings, transcripts, or other copyrighted materials from the podcast. Respect the intellectual property rights of the podcast creators and contributors.

Promotion Guidelines

While sharing relevant resources or content is encouraged, refrain from excessive self-promotion, spamming, or unrelated advertisements. Any promotional content should be relevant to the group.

Maintain Confidentiality

Respect the privacy of podcast guests and fellow members. Avoid sharing personal information or details from private conversations without consent.

Healthy Debate and Dialogue

Engage in healthy dialogue around topics, while maintaining mutual respect and civility. Disagreements are natural and can lead to deeper understanding when approached with humility and openness.

Report Concerns

If you encounter any inappropriate behavior, violations of group rules, or concerns regarding the group's dynamics, report them to the group moderator for appropriate action.

Prayer and Reflection

Feel free to share prayer requests, reflections, or insights inspired by podcast episodes. Let's journey together in faith, supporting one another in prayer and reflection.

Moderator Guidance

Follow any additional guidelines provided by moderators to ensure the positive and purposeful engagement of the group in line with the podcast's mission and values.


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