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  • Kathy Boschmann

Neither Snow nor Rain

I felt a little like a postal carrier: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their rounds" (Herodotus).

However, instead of envelopes and packages to a mailbox, we brought love and hope for a future in the form of furniture amidst a Canadian blizzard. Neither snow nor ice nor howling winds keep the Church from making CarePortal connections.

Driving in a snow storm through city streets corrugated with ice ruts and walled with snow banks isn’t for the faint of heart. I was tired and longing to relax in my warm house but an opportunity to connect with a young family lay ahead of me. I called the fellow who was going to be my ‘muscle’ in moving a couch, end tables, TV stand and a coffee table. He sounded tired too.

Hearing the weariness in his voice, I was ready to postpone the whole thing. It was a blizzard after all! But his son, eager to assist, was totally game. His enthusiasm and availability gave us the boost we needed. After all, a very young dad who recently aged out of foster care was preparing to set up his first home for himself, the love of his life, and their newborn baby. We wanted to show up for him.

It was worth all the effort of organizing volunteers, arranging schedules, the cold hands and driving through the snow to connect with that young dad. Seeing an empty apartment transform into a first home for this family was a precious moment. Touching his life with love, that was priceless!

Then I had the honour of coming alongside two more young families, both working towards the same goal: being reunited with their children. First was a young couple with a newborn doing what they can to have their three other preschoolers return to them. The other was a young woman contending to be reunited with her toddler, even while her own immediate family had moved to another province without her. Showing up for people is important, no matter the weather and the circumstance.

As I ponder each young person’s situation, I am struck by their tenacity and their longing for family. I can’t help but think of Isaiah 58:7 and the encouragement for God’s people to care for others. We get to be family to those around us! We are called to care for the husbandless and the fatherless (James 1:27), and help those who suffer from trauma (Luke 10). He created us all to be in relationship.

Coming home to my family, following the CarePortal connections I have made over the last few days, I feel a sense of gratitude. I am grateful for my husband and son, thankful I grew up in a thriving loving home, and appreciative of knowing I belong in God’s family. The snow and ice are forgotten. The howling winds have subsided. The cold remains outdoors but my heart is warmed knowing connections have been made for these three young families. My hope is that they know they are not alone. May they continue to feel and see those who have recently come alongside them are with them and cheering them on.

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