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  • Wendi Park

Oh Canada! Let's Talk About That

There I sat, leaned in, coffee in hand, gripped by stories shared in a circle of new and old

friends gathering around my living room. Howls of laughter, poignant moments of tears, and mic drop articulations of honest reflection all flowed through their life stories and spirited conversation. After a few years of pandemic isolation, my soul came alive as our paths intersected at this sacred yet ordinary moment of togetherness.

My only regret? Was that you weren't sitting in this circle with me. I would have invited you in, poured you a coffee, and introduced you to friends who genuinely desire to connect with you. We would welcome your voice and invite you to be enriched by the words and presence of others. Together we'd be challenged, encouraged, and motivated. Real stories and honest reflections have a way of doing that.


A living room has been created for you to join us anytime, anywhere - with the NEW JOURNEY WITH CARE podcast! CareImpact has partnered with Melvina Guiboche and Ark Podcasts (engineer Johan Heinrichs) to bring you biweekly experiences that will have you leaning in, coffee in hand, gripped by conversations that help you thrive. It's about to launch on July 14th!

Host Melvina Guiboche is an Indigenous lover of Jesus with a pastoral heart for the whole Church to grow in reconciliation and a deep compassion for children and families in hard places. In addition to being a great communicator and devoted woman of prayer and the Bible, Melvina comes with life experience and radical transformation that connects with guests on the show and those who listen.

We want you to feel welcome and inspired to journey with care - like you are sitting in our living room among friends. We'll dig into tough topics, elephants in the sanctuary, if you will; and lovingly seek out biblically and socially informed responses to current realities. We'll hear life stories that help us see poverty, child welfare, and reconciliation in a new light, and inspire us to journey with care in our own communities. We'll glean insight from professionals, ministry leaders, and authors, and grow our capacity to care holistically. It is a safe space to discuss real life questions and inspire real life reconcili-action.

So go ahead and subscribe* to the Journey With Care podcast - the living room where everyone is invited to experience life in togetherness. *Located on your preferred podcast platform, or choose one HERE. (Trailer & Introductory Episode 0 ready for you to hear)

Want to get more involved? I'm glad you asked! Become an amazing ONE in 155 partner with us, or contact if you have a story or content idea that could be featured. Let's create this together.

Your grateful sojourner,

Wendi Park

Executive Director / Co-Founder

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