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🎧 The Joyful Alternative | Out of Sync Christmas

With Guest: Nikayla Reize


We delve into the topic of Joy with guest Nikayla Reize, lead pastor at Awakened Church in Calgary. The conversation explores the biblical principles of Sabbath and Jubilee, emphasizing their relevance in combating burnout and exhaustion in today's capitalist society. We highlight the communal nature of potlatch and how it contrasts with hyper-individualistic capitalism.

The episode reveals the impact of capitalism on daily life and the resistance to its constant pressure. Our conversation emphasizes the importance of gratitude, cherishing belongings, and embracing a non-capitalistic mindset to find joy. We talk about the gift economy, interdependence within the church, and the liberating concept of Jubilee as a resistance to the predatory debt economy and capitalism.


[06:59] Jubilee: protects from intergenerational poverty, has economic implications.

[09:04] People in difficult situations seek release and support.

[11:58] Holiness in Bible, resistance to Pharaoh's ways.

[14:11] Congregants setting boundaries, shortage of volunteers identified.

[18:13] Community resists capitalism and materialism, requiring sacrifice.

[22:29] Embracing interdependence leads to strength and joy.

[26:01] Excited about quilt, but it went wrong.

[29:40] Care Impact's online technology, Care Portal, connects community.

[31:29] Potlatch tradition involves giving everything away.

[36:10] Repurposing household items for Christmas morning surprises.

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