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🎧 Love: Disrupting Singleness Narratives | Out of Sync Christmas

With Guest: Rebecca


In this episode of "Journey With Care," host Wendi Park delves into the true meaning of love during the Christmas season with special guest Rebecca. They challenge societal and religious pressures on singleness and discuss the complexities of love in the church, emphasizing the importance of authentic, unconditional love. The conversation explores practical ways to embody God's love in the community and challenges the church to create a more inclusive environment for individuals regardless of their marital status. Listeners are inspired to journey in love, authenticity, and vulnerability, while experiencing God's love in a deeper, more meaningful way.


[04:09] YWAM experience instilled deeper understanding of love.

[09:26[ Biblical ethic: sex for married heterosexuals.

[12:33] Understanding collective identity in Christ through analogy.

[15:29] Essential need for community and family support.

[17:34] Single people add value to family life.

[22:24] Be like the Samaritan, love genuinely.

[26:03] Receive God's love, then share it.

[28:20] Healthy attachment with God, knowing God's love.

[33:00] Bringing love and value through daily actions.

[36:12] Fulfillment found in God, not in marriage.

Guest Links

Rebecca's Book Recommendation:

7 Myths about Singleness by Sam Allberry



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