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🎧 Growth & Impact: Reflecting on Season 2 and a Season 3 Preview


In this "End of Year Special", hosts Johan Heinrichs and Wendi Park have a fun conversation where they reflect on the growth and impact of their podcast over the past year. They discuss the authenticity of the interviews, the importance of engaging in important conversations, and their initiatives through CareImpact. They also unveil the top 5 episodes from season 2, plans for future episodes, and express gratitude for their listeners' support.


[00:00] Seeking audience feedback to shape future content.

[05:34] Powerful father-son story about reconciliation in Oklahoma.

[09:10] Word-of-mouth brings best followers, inspires communities.

[11:09] Podcast delves into deep topics, unveils insights.

[15:37] Follow-up podcast to provide transformative devotional content.

[19:33] Everyone is called to care, make impact.

[21:45] Equipping and connecting the church through technology.

[23:43] Care Impact Academy provides trauma training, impact.

[28:24] Exciting podcast updates and newsletter sign-up.

Top 5 Episodes For Season 2:





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