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🎧 Faith Amidst the Frantic: How Do Mothers Juggle Chaos with Grace?


Alicia Freeman shares her experiences with fostering and adopting children and the impact on her faith. Throughout the episode, hosts Wendi Park and Johan Heinrichs dive into the messy, beautiful reality of caring for vulnerable children and the theological insights gained through suffering. Alicia discusses the personal challenges and triggers brought on by the children's behaviors, reflecting on how these experiences have strengthened her marriage and community relationships. Emphasizing the importance of surrendering to God's plan, Alicia, together with the hosts, explores the theme of finding hope and joy amidst crises, emphasizing the role of faithfulness and community support. This episode not only highlights the difficulties faced by those on similar journeys but also the transformative power of embracing imperfection and relying on spiritual and communal strength.

Time Stamps

[04:51] Navigating difficult comments

[08:44] Unexpected triggers from helping traumatized children accumulate.

[12:25] Struggle with faith leads to profound realization.

[16:42] Finding hope and growth in hardship and pain.

[20:22] Grateful for encouragement and learning humility.

[21:14] Find joy in not having to do it all.

[26:03] Learning to abide in God through faith.

[31:02] Thankful for God's gift of community support.

[37:18] Passion for trauma care and learning journey.

[38:26] Finding hope through faith and neuroscience training.

[41:38] Churches find empowerment, tools, and healing progress.






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