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🎧 Differently Wired in Community | Introduction With Guest, Corinne Thomas

With Guest Corrine Thomas


How can churches become more inclusive for individuals with disabilities, neurodiversities, and mental illnesses? This conversation on Journey With Care dives into the pressing need for trauma-informed, welcoming communities that recognize and celebrate the unique gifts of every individual. Hosts Johan Heinrichs and Wendi Park speak with Pastor Corinne Thomas of Center Street Church in Calgary, who shares her journey of creating a ministry that supports nearly 100 individuals with special needs and their families. Highlights include stories of empowerment, practical steps for inclusivity, and the importance of intentional design and volunteer training.

Time Stamps

[03:56] Volunteered for 30 years, now pastor of ministry.

[07:40] Inclusive community for differently wired individuals.

[12:28] Improving church accessibility through renovations and innovation.

[14:48] Praise for inclusive church and facilities.

[17:52] Manic individual discusses self-harm, seeks help.

[21:12] Resource for churches to create safe congregations.

[24:21] Centre Street Church is accepting of differences.

[28:00] Every person has unique gifts and abilities.

[32:37] Diverse guest series encourages listener involvement and feedback.

[33:29] Making the gospel accessible to special needs.

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