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🎧 Differently Wired | Autism in Community

Dr. Harold Park


How can churches create inclusive spaces for individuals with autism to feel accepted and connected? Join hosts Wendi Park and Johan Heinrichs as they dive into a candid conversation with Dr. Harold Park, a psychotherapist with a personal connection to neurodiversity. Together, they explore the challenges and crucial strategies for supporting those on the autism spectrum within church communities. Discover the power of acceptance, understanding, and tailored support to foster a welcoming environment where all can belong and thrive.

Time Stamps

[04:20] Counseling helps navigate neurodiversity challenges effectively.

[07:39] Struggle and acceptance, growth through self-awareness.

[12:29] Harold's strong reaction to unexpected haircut incident.

[13:33] Mom sought help for meltdowns, sought parenting help.

[17:24] Struggling with social expectations in church youth group.

[22:54] Creating inclusive environment for diverse worship needs.

[24:50] Neurodiverse individuals want acknowledgment and open dialogue.

[30:05] Thriving as a counselor despite relational challenges.

[33:06] Analytical approach in counseling, balancing logic and emotion.

[39:25] Mentoring with pastor brought clarity and direction.

[41:43] Feedback and sponsorship requests for podcast.





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