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  • Tim Smith

Caring Well For Those Carrying Hurt

“Trauma is not the story of something that happened back then… It’s the current imprint of that pain… and fear living inside people.” — Bessel van Der Kolk

More than half of Canadian children experience trauma yearly and three-quarters of adults report trauma exposure in their lifetime. Much of this trauma occurs in familial and relational contexts, thus, healing must come through relationships built on trust and felt-safety.

This is the great hope! Research shows that people are only one competently compassionate person away from a healing journey. It is vital then that caring people grow in their capacity journey well with others. Good intentions can cause significant damage, and ignorance is definitely not bliss.

CareImpact knows that people want to care and that the Church is called to care. Our mission is to equip the whole Church to journey well in community with children and families in hard places. This is why we have formed a dynamic team of professionals and practitioners to offer Trauma Care training, suitable for the whole Church and community.

Participants gain practical insight to better understand trauma and practical skills to effectively support others along their healing journey. This has been a game changer for churches, camps, social services, ministries, and families.

But don’t just take it from us, here are voices of some of our recent participants:

Very practical course. The presenters were very organized and informative.

I came away from this workshop inspired by the lessons and by the people who shared their experiences. Stories from others helped put things in perspective and provide insight.

The sessions were professional and performed in a simple way that was easy to understand. The communication and follow up from the organizers was great.

Realizing that youth whom I had previously deemed as ‘unsocial’ or ‘hard to handle’ had likely experienced trauma, broke my heart in the best way. Being informed showed me how I can offer more compassion to those in my life, and how I can be aware of their history!

This course has emphasized for me just how important MY mental health is when it comes to being there for others.

Learning about how trauma can present in a child was very eye opening for me, for example that trauma can impact a child’s physical or mental growth! It helps me to be more compassionate towards others when I may not know the whole story.

It was really helpful to have an in-depth refresher and be able to solidify my knowledge on this topic so that I can feel confident in explaining it for others.

I really appreciated the applicability of the workshop and the opportunities offered to relate the material to our own contexts.

I know it is said a lot but I wish I would have taken this course years ago. My handling of my adoptive daughter would have been completely different. I am thankful that I now know so much more about her trauma brain and I have hope that I can help her move forward.

I appreciate the grace I have learned to give myself and the parents I work with in handling tough situations with kid’s behaviour. I see through a different lens. A more Christ like lens. And that makes my heart happy!

I feel more equipped now.

You care for your community. Wouldn't you like to care with more impact? We can help! Register for upcoming Trauma Care courses - Beginning on Oct 6, 2022

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