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  • Johan Heinrichs

The Power of Care: Understanding and Supporting The Challengers (Enneagram Type Eight)

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Let's delve into the world of The Challengers - individuals who embody the powerful and fearless traits of Enneagram Type Eight.

We will explore how these individuals genuinely care for others and offer insights on how we can reciprocate that care as we navigate relationships with them.

Who are The Challengers?

The Challengers, also known as Type Eights, fearlessly embrace challenges and possess an unparalleled thirst for life. Their boundless energy and unwavering determination make them natural leaders. However, beneath their tough exterior lies a deeply caring and compassionate soul. They are fiercely committed to standing up against injustice and fighting for the rights of others.

Unveiling The Challenger's Care

The Challengers attract a loyal tribe who believes in their vision and unwavering confidence. Their presence exudes courage, commanding respect from those around them. Behind their protective armour, they possess a genuine desire to care for others, offering unwavering support and understanding to those in need.

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How can we care for The Challengers?
  1. Embrace their intensity: The Challengers bring a unique power and strength to any situation. Instead of feeling intimidated, embrace their energy and recognize the positive impact it can have on those around them. Encourage their passion and provide space for them to express themselves authentically.

  2. Create space for vulnerability: Despite their resilience, Challengers also have moments of vulnerability. Allow them to open up without judgment, creating an environment where they feel safe to express their fears and concerns. By doing so, you strengthen your connection and build trust.

  3. Challenge without confrontation: Challengers appreciate when others challenge their beliefs and actions in an objective and respectful manner. Engage in discussions that challenge their thinking, sparking intellectual growth and deepening your relationship. Be prepared to provide logical reasoning and listen actively to their point of view.

  4. Avoid passive aggression: The Challengers detest passive-aggressive behavior and prefer direct and honest communication. Steer clear of indirect tactics and hidden agendas. Instead, address any concerns or conflicts openly and directly to maintain a healthy relationship.

  5. Show your loyalty: The Challengers deeply value loyalty. Stand by their side during challenging times, showing unwavering support and commitment. Acknowledge their achievements and let them know that you appreciate and value their presence in your life.

Understanding and caring for The Challengers is an essential aspect of building meaningful relationships. By embracing their power, providing space for vulnerability, and engaging in respectful challenges, we can support and nurture these incredible individuals. Let us celebrate their strength and commitment to justice, for they are warriors who truly care for those around them.

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