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🎧 The Wait Worth It | Part 1: Kathy's Path to International Adoption

WITH GUEST: Kathy Boschmann


In this conversation, host Johan Heinrichs meets with Kathy Boschmann to explore her journey of choosing adoption. Kathy shares her experiences dealing with infertility and the challenges she and her husband faced in this regard. The conversation delves into their decision to pursue adoption, from considering fostering to local adoption and ultimately embarking on an international adoption journey. Their path leads them to Sammy, a child from Ethiopia, and the episode concludes with Kathy emphasizing the significance of a supportive community and spiritual foundation in the adoption process. Join us in the next episode as Kathy shares the heartwarming story of meeting Sami for the first time.


(00:10) Acceptance of adoption after years of infertility.

(04:14) Struggling with unrealized dreams and finding comfort.

(08:09) Considering fostering; ultimately chose local adoption agency.

(10:01) Applying for adoption involves sharing family history.

(13:12) Family member's understanding.

(16:13) Walking, talking, and praying for support.

(20:28) Challenges in adoption process and family dynamics.

(25:03) Eric's medical background helped in immigration process.


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