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🎧 Leading Differently Together | APEST Finale

WITH GUEST: Daria Nardozza


In this "Leading Differently Together: APEST" series finale, host Wendi Park is joined by the passionate Daria Nardozza, who delves into her dedication to fostering unity within the Church and promoting positive social change in Canadian cities. Through her work with the City Leaders Collective and Kentro, Daria stresses the importance of Churches praying together, making disciples, serving their communities, and collaborating effectively. She shares her personal journey to Christianity, emphasizing the transformative power of apostolic gifting and calling for a greater balance in Church leadership, including the embrace of women in key roles. The discussion also highlights the challenges in fostering unity and addressing the leadership crisis in the Church, underscoring the need for every believer to discover and mobilize their spiritual gifts. We explore these themes through heartfelt anecdotes and strategic insights, aiming to inspire listeners to enact change and engage more deeply with their faith and community.


[04:15] Teacher, mentor, and moments of care.

[07:30] Reflecting on teaching, creating a learning environment.

[11:36] Observation and listening in early childhood education.

[15:58] Prepared to guide, open to surprises, share.

[18:22] Churches should consider accommodating diverse needs.

[23:41] New educator teaches breathing techniques to challenging kids.

[24:43] Educator helps troubled child through love and care.

[30:34] Jonny and Friends organization serving families with special needs.


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